Bird Suets

Unipet International Suet To Go Half Coconut Feeder Value 4 Pack from ...

only £4.18

Suet To Go Whole Coconut Feeder sgl from UNIPET

only £3.08

Suet To Go Suet Blocks Value Pack Of 10 - 4 Varieties available - High...

only £14.98

Seed and Mealworm Suet Cake - Wild Garden Bird feed. from King Fisher

only £4.33

Kingfisher Suet Fat Ball Feeder from King Fisher

£3.82 £3.77

Kingfisher Bird Care 6 Pack High Energy Suet Cake

only £8.25

Suet fat balls, suet cakes, suet logs and suet pellets are loved by most garden birds and provide essential energy - particularly during the colder months. We sell a wide range of bird suets including suet blocks, wild bird suet cakes, suet coconut shells. We also sell a range of suet bird feeders.

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